PGSLOT has designed the online slot game Gem Savior Conquest to be a thrilling adventure; thus,

let us work together to get the valuable gem from the wicked witch. While participating in this online slot game, players have the opportunity to go on a mission to vanquish the wicked witch. The witch possesses a variety of exquisite stones. Hold your breath until the knight or the strongman triumphs.

Gem Savior Conquest is a video slot game that has six reels and six rows, and it has a feature called WILDS ON THE WAY that gives out one-of-a-kind multipliers after each free spin. Free fall system in which freshly gained symbols replace previously received symbols. Symbols can be obtained in any order. Because of this, players only need to place a stake and press the spin button once to increase their chances of winning numerous times in a succession. The odds of winning the game range from one in 576 to one in 46,656. Of course, bonuses are seldom successful.

Gem Savior Conquest demo slot game symbols

In Gem Savior Conquest, the most sought-after reward icons may be divided into two categories: high-yielding gem symbols and high-yielding symbols. as well as a collection of card symbols that have decreased rewards. On the payline, there must be an appearance of at least three symbols. The payment percentage associated with that symbol will be utilized right away. The following is a list of the eleven winning symbols that may be obtained from playing this game.

Symbol of the White Diamond (Insignia) There is a maximum payout of one hundred and fifty times.

The red heart symbol has a maximum payout of sixty times the wager for it.

pink hexagonal gem symbol The highest award, increased by a total of forty pentagonal gems with a violet hue. There is a 30 times maximum payout rate that may be received.

blue square gem symbol The highest payout rate is 15 times the initial wager.

green triangular gem symbol The highest payout rate is 15 times the initial wager.

The letter A offers a yield of ten points at its absolute best.

The letter K has the potential to earn ten times its initial value as a reward.

The letter Q has the potential to pay off up to four times its initial investment.

When compared to the letter I, the letter J has four times as many returns.

The value of the number 10 symbol might pay out as much as four times the wager.

Playing the Gem Savior: Conquest Slot Machine Game with Special Symbols

In the action-packed adventure slot game Gem Savior Conquest, there are two distinct kinds of unique symbols that boost players’ chances of coming out on top. Additionally, they may be used to trigger the bonus game mode, which features its own one-of-a-kind multiplier rate. A comprehensive explanation of each of the many symbols is presented down below in the following paragraphs.

wild symbol

Only the middle three reels of this game display the game’s wild symbol, which is a picture of a young guy holding a sign that says “WILD.” The primary purpose of the wild symbol is to act as a substitute for any of the 11 regular winning symbols, with the exception of the scatter symbol. irreplaceable One of the things that sets this game apart from others is its use of wild symbols.

scatter sign

In the slot game Gem Savior Conquest, there is a witch scatter icon that has the word SCATTER written on it. This icon has the potential to activate the special mode that awards all 12 free spins, and additional free spins are awarded if more than 4 Scatter symbols appear 2 times for every next Scatter symbol that appears. go

Game Unique Features Gem Savior Conquest

There are two distinct categories of unique qualities associated with the Gem Savior Conquest. Both of these things make it simpler to acquire prizes when playing in standard mode. In addition to that, there is a unique extra feature that provides the opportunity for win multiplier bonuses. Following is a detailed explanation of each individual aspect.

a function called Wilds on the Way

The Wilds on the Way feature, which arbitrarily enlarges the size of a certain symbol, is triggered throughout the board for all of the game types. On the table of a slot machine, players will utilize anywhere from two to four vertical spaces. It features a border made of silver. If the winning symbols are those in the silver frame In the same location, a completely new symbol will arise at random. Get ready to alter the color of the frame to gold. In addition to this, the golden frame will transform into a giant wild symbol if the symbols included within it win another round. Increase the chances of earning a variety of game prizes, and work to make the experience overall more enjoyable.

Bonus Options That Include Free Spins

If there are four or more scatter symbols on the grid at the same time. The bonus for the free spins will now become active. In this new and enhanced aspect On top of it, there is a bar that indicates the witch’s current strength. The power meter of the witch continually drops after each triumph that she obtains. and the percentage of winners will increase by a factor of two. And if you’re playing a standard slot machine and you see the square symbol pop up on the table. There will be payouts at the end. The capacity to rapidly morph into a humongous golden banner will be accessible.

So: The Review of the Online Slot Game Gem Savior’s Conquest PNG SLOT is the developer behind the exciting online slot game, Gem Savior Conquest Adventure. The mechanism is essentially a six-reel, six-row video slot machine, and there are around 40,000 different combinations that might result in a win. To a greater extent than previous games The visuals in this online slot game are of the highest quality, and the gameplay is second to none. This guarantees that there will be no delays or interruptions in the game’s progress. Players are also eligible for incentives that might be worth up to five hundred times their original wager. What are some of the top games that you should play right now? There is no further gain to be had by putting things off!

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