Review of the Super Heroes Slot Machine

Yggdrasil is preparing to introduce the Super Heroes game to customers at the end of October. The game’s premise is, somewhat unsurprisingly, immediately apparent from the name. Superheroes have a major role in today’s culture. This is a central idea across a wide variety of media, including movies, comics, TV episodes, and more. Furthermore, there are already a plethora of slot machine games that provide you with the identical services. But the fact that it was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming sets it apart. Because of how precise this developer is, we eagerly await each new update. The standard fare for a game like this is to provide a plethora of extras. And it all adds up to a warm and fuzzy slot machine experience.

Who is your favorite comic book hero, and why?

The game sticks relatively close to the standard slot machine format by providing players with five reels. Three rows connect them, guaranteeing a user-friendly layout. The numerous game symbols can be viewed in that location. Typically, these are represented by icons representing currently accessible super heroes. Knox, Raven, and Tesla are all hard-hitting, mischievous, and highly charged, respectively. In addition, the mysterious Mirage, the wild Hopper, and the hypnotic Trance complete the trio of heroes. Powers unique to each superhero add new dimensions to the game. We’ll go into more detail about these shortly.

Super Heroes not only has reels, rows, and icons, but also 20 individual pay lines. These are not adaptable and pay from left to right. However, the quantity of money gambled per spin is something that may be altered by the player. Coins allow for wagers from £0.20 and £100 every spin. The game is available on desktop computers and mobile phones. Graphically, this is just as impressive.

Learn to Activate Your Inner Superhero!

A game with a superhero theme, as we have indicated, should also feature some fantastic unique features. In this respect, it does not fall short. The free spins emblem represents the game’s first unique feature. If three or more of these appear anywhere in view during the main game, you will enter the free spins bonus round. If you see three of them, you’ll get four free spins; four will net you five, and five will net you seven. Hero Mode also activates after every single free spin. Two of the six heroes will now be on your side, increasing your chances of winning. When a superhero bonus feature is activated, the extra prizes are the same as those available in the main game.

Of course, there are also six superhero-themed extras to enjoy. The first is called “Random Wilds,” and it’s a brand new feature. At this point, one of the heroes unleashes a meteor shower into the reels, turning a number of symbols into wilds at random. The second option is called Random Symbols. Here, one of the heroes will switch out any number of icons (from two to five) to improve the odds of forming a winning combination. The Mystery Win super hero may also transform every high-paying symbol into a die. These can be spun until they reveal a cash prize of up to one thousand coins!

The Wild Reel hero is also present, and he or she substitutes all symbols on the first four reels with wilds. In addition, there is a Multiplier bonus round, when one of the heroes will fire a powerball into your winning amount, greatly increasing it. Finally, there’s the opportunity to receive extra free spins with the Extra Free Spins bonus. A hero will then open a door that will get you access to four further free games.

Closing Statement

Super Heroes is one of the most impressive slot games that Yggdrasil has created, in our opinion. And that’s saying a lot, because all of the games we’ve reviewed so far from this provider in our online slots guide have amazing visuals. This looks like it could keep people entertained for days on end.